Important Shea Road Boat Launch Update – August 24, 2023

We wanted to update you about the ongoing developments at the Shea Road Boat Launch. The Township of Muskoka Lakes, with its commitment to community infrastructure, completed the construction of the new dock this year – a testament to the progress we are making together.

However, as with any community-driven project, there can be challenges. In the recent Request for Proposal (RFP) for the boat launch, the submitted proposals surpassed the planned budget. Therefore, the Township of Muskoka Lakes has taken the decision to reschedule the comprehensive repairs for the boat launch.

Recognizing the importance of the boat launch to our community, temporary minor repairs are set to take place this year. This ensures that the launch remains functional and safe for everyone. Furthermore, the TMLA Board is diligently working to ensure that the essential repairs are considered for the 2024 planning.

Stay tuned to our website for further announcements and updates. Your understanding and support are the pillars of our community’s success.

Thank you, and stay safe!

TMLA Board