Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the “state of health” of Three Mile Lake?

The simple answer is fragile like many other lakes elsewhere in Muskoka and Ontario. The lake is nutrient rich and considered at risk for algal blooms. Cottagers should follow the “Do’s and Don’ts” found elsewhere on this website to assist in keeping the lake in a safe, “clean” and enjoyable state

2. How big is Three Mile Lake? How many properties are on the Lake?

Three Mile Lake has a surface area of 8.8 sq. km (3.4 sq. miles) and a shoreline perimeter of 31.2 km (19.5 miles). It is 9.1 km, east to west (5.7 miles) and 5.3 km, north to south (3.3 miles). The main basin has a maximum depth of 4 meters and Hammell’s Bay has a maximum depth of 12 meters. In 2016, 611 properties were surveyed by the Love Your Lake program staff.

3. How’s the fishing?

Excellent! Three Mile Lake is popular with fishing enthusiasts all year long..

4. Is the Lake good for recreational boating?

As a landlocked, shallow, and narrow lake, Three Mile Lake is best suited for boats up to 20 ft long. There is one public boat launch located at 1184 Shea Road.

5. What commercial properties are on the lake?

Commercial properties include Northland Recreation, Forest Rock Resort, Muskoka Shores Cottages, and Inverness Tent and Trailer Park. Taylor Strawberry Farm and Market is located at 1490 Deebank Road.

6. How can lakefront property owners become better Lake Stewards?

Please see the “Dos and Don’ts” tab on our website.

7. How do I become more involved in the Association?

The Association is always looking for enthusiastic, committed people to serve on the Board of Directors and to volunteer for tasks such as taking water samples. Please contact any member of the current Board to express your interest and willingness to be part of our small, dynamic group.

8. Does the Association have any legal jurisdiction?

No, however our mandate is to continuously monitor activities that affect Three Mile Lake and, if necessary, lobby responsible groups to try and effect an outcome advantageous for the Lake and its constituents. We will also direct cottagers who have a concern to the proper authorities.

9. Why does the Association need more members?

We have over 250 active members. With a larger membership our “clout” goes up exponentially with any of the bodies we need to influence. It also allows the Association to represent our Lake in a meaningful manner. As our slogan says, it’s “Our Lake – Our Future”. Join us. If you have any questions we have not answered above, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Board members. We will do our best to answer you in a timely fashion.

10. Why should I process my new or renewed membership online?

If you select to process online, you can access and edit your membership information at any time.  You will have website access to the list of names and addresses of other members who have approved access to their information. Also, you will be able to renew your membership in the future without having to reenter all your personal information.

11. What is the Association’s mailing address?

Three Mile Lake Association
P.O. Box 161
Windermere, Ontario