Changes Coming to Muskoka’s Waste Fees – March 2, 2023

On February 28, 2023, the District of Muskoka Council approved staff recommendations to help families meet new garbage limits in response to changes in the waste program. The changes aim to reduce garbage and extend the lifespan of Muskoka’s only remaining landfill. However, the district is struggling to meet diversion goals, with only 34% of waste being diverted. In contrast, other top municipalities in the province recycle, reduce, and divert over 60% of their waste.

Effective March 1, tipping fees for garbage and non-divertible material at District waste facilities will increase. On the other hand, District facilities will still accept blue box recycling and green bin organics at no cost. Residents can now deliver one clear bag of diapers and incontinence products free of charge every week to any transfer station. They can also purchase bag tags at a discounted price of five tags for $35 when bought in bulk from any transfer station. Furthermore, residents can set out one extra garbage bag without a bag tag on their regular collection day the week of Victoria Day, Canada Day, the Civic holiday, and Labour Day long weekends.

According to James Steele, the Commissioner of Engineering and Public Works, the District of Muskoka is dedicated to reducing garbage and extending the life of its last landfill while also assisting families to reach their diversion target. These changes will help residents divert more materials to their blue box and green bin programs.

To learn more about the updated rates and acceptable materials in the blue box or green bin programs, visit muskoka recycles or download the Muskoka Recycles app and use the waste wizard. Finally, Muskoka’s Roadmap to 60% Waste Diversion offers new and bold initiatives to create a better waste management system. By working together, positive change can be brought to Muskoka’s environment.

Read the official announcement at No Time To Waste – Working Together