About Us

The Three Mile Lake Association was founded in 1968. It was incorporated in 2005 and operates today as the “voice” of Three Mile Lake constituents.

The elected Board of Directors are charged, by the membership, to maintain a liaison with the Township of Muskoka Lakes and all other entities that can and do influence the quality of life around, on and in the lake.

The major initiatives which the board is currently working on are:

Love Your Lake

In July and August 2016, all 611 properties on Three Mile Lake were surveyed from the water noting the degree of impact on and near the shore. From these notes, a Shoreline Property Report was produced for every property on the lake. These reports outline voluntary stewardship actions which can be taken to improve the health of our lake. In 2017, four properties were selected to receive grants of up to $1,900 to assist with the re-naturalization of their shorelines. We continue to educate our members about the importance of healthy shorelines and will recognize property owners who take steps to keep their shorelines natural.

Water Quality Initiative

In 2016, we joined the Muskoka Lakes Association’s water quality program. Water samples are collected by volunteers at 5 locations on and around the lake. These samples are analysed for total phosphorous and dissolved organic compound.

Pilot Project to Demonstrate the effectiveness of Ultrasound in Controlling Blue Green Algae
In 2017, we contracted the firm of CanDetec Inc. to install a floating solar powered ultrasound unit in a leeward bay on Three Mile Lake. Ultrasound is used in reservoirs and small ponds in many countries of the world to treat blue-green algae. The purpose of this project is to determine if ultrasound can effectively treat blue-green algae in larger bodies of water. We continued this study for 2018, with two units in Green Bay.

Membership is very important to the Association. Keeping our members up to date and informed is a priority. We publish a newsletter four times a year, we send regular emails to members, and we post the newsletters of Muskoka Lakes Association and Federation of Ontario Cottagers on our website.