Our Lake, Our Future

Three Mile Lake Association is made up of a small group of individuals and volunteers committed to preserving our lake for future generations.

Located in the Township of Muskoka Lakes, District of Muskoka, Three Mile Lake needs the support of everyone who enjoys the lake today in order to protect its unique characteristics and recreational water quality.

Help make a difference; join today!

Current Fire Rating

Fire Rating


Water Quality Update

Water Quality

Note that since 2011, the MECP (Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks) lab results have regularly exceeded the safe drinking level 1.5 µg/L, but they have NOT exceeded the Ontario safe recreational water level 20 µg/L. Swimming and other water…

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Summer Newsletter

Membership News

The summer edition of our newsletter " The Extra Mile" was sent via email to all active members on July 8th. It is also posted in the member area of this site. Those that do not have email and require…

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